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Harena dream - This Life Has No Title

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March 30th, 2011

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10:47 am - Harena dream
This may have been partly inspired by Harena's fitful sleep last night...

I dreamed that I had been out very late, doing something with the kids1 which somehow involved both the kids' Uncle Chris and PZ Myers (who seem to be oddly reminding me of each other, even though I can't easily define how), both of whom I was somehow supposed to connect with at different times afterwards (which ended up being in a dark parking lot just outside, and there was something to do with me not being able to find my shoes or something) and we were all there way past 1 a.m.

The amusing(?) part was that I knew Harena would be all panicked by how late we were (we probably all died in a car wreck or something), but when I got home it turned out that in her panic and depression she had elaborately calligraphed a suicide note, and then decided she really like the way it looked and submitted it to a goth font2 contest.

Because the contest ended at midnight, we were out so late that the winners were announced, and she won.

Some time later, back in reality, I told Harena about this and she made me post it. So now you know who to blamethank.

1. at this building whose exterior resembled that of the emergency room at Durham Regional Hospital (where we so recently spent many happy hours) and whose interior reminded me of RDU airport circa 1970 -- both classic early 1960s boxy "modern" architecture

2. you know... those Goth-looking fonts everyone uses... they're all the rage on the internet... you can't hardly click on a link without bumping into some new goth font... well, okay, maybe not in this universe -- I guess here it's sparkly vampires, but I'm sure there's some nearby parallel one where everyone is sick of goth fonts and yet people keep doing more of them.

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